When will I receive my shipment?

We ship within 48hrs of receiving your order, not including weekends. All points within the lower 48 states typically arrive within 1-3 days.

Can I pickup my coffee order from your shop?

Normally yes, but due to the current Pandemic our shop is closed to the public.

Why does your coffee taste so good?

Hmmm, we like to think it is a combination of experience, proper equipment, and a general obsession with quality and freshness. We also have very strong relationships with our importer and producer partners. We roast every small batch on a vintage Probat. After 20 years working in specialty coffee, we know what to expect from this machine and love the results. We work hard to find the absolute best coffees and develop their roast profiles to showcase all of their positive attributes. We only roast small batches that will be delivered or shipped within 48 hrs. Freshness and Quality, always.

How should I store my coffee?

We generally tell people they shouldn’t store coffee, they should drink it. We suggest only purchasing whole bean coffee to sustain freshness as long as possible. Storing coffee at room temperature in the original bag which has been closed is fine. We also like any container with an airtight seal.

How much coffee should I use in my brewer?

55 grams of coffee per liter of water +/- 10%; this is the Specialty Coffee Association’s Gold Cup Standard measurement. This equates to roughly an 18:1 ratio, but the 10% variance allows for your personal taste, coffee choice, brew method, grind setting, water temperature, etc.

What temperature should my water be for brewing coffee?

195-205 degrees Fahrenheit is the range for proper coffee extraction. Most brewers off the shelf will not brew hot enough and will leave you with an improperly extracted cup. All of the brewers we sell have been certified by the SCA and tested under rigorous conditions to brew at the correct temperature with an integrated spray head for proper extraction.

Do I really need to weigh my coffee?

By using a simple digital scale in grams, you take the guess work out of your brewing. Different coffees and different roast levels have different densities, so weighing your coffee with a scale is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate this variable. A digital scale is also crucial for pour-over/manual brew methods as it allows you to measure the volume of water as you brew.

Why should I use a burr grinder versus a blade grinder?

A burr grinder with coarseness settings will allow you to adjust the grind for your particular brew method. It will also provide a consistent grind versus chopping the coffee into random size pieces like a blade grinder, yielding proper and even extraction. Blade grinders also tend to generate heat which in turn will affect the flavor quality of your ground coffee.