In 2017, Matt & Naomi Hupton packed up 20 years of city living in Minneapolis and headed south to the family’s farm in beautiful Madison County, Iowa.  Willowdale Farm had not been occupied in more than 2 decades and the revival project was daunting.  That first winter felt colder than the north woods out here on the prairie.  Pammel State Park was just down the road and a special spot where Matt would fish with his grandfather.  Our vintage Probat roaster had arrived and the kids were already selling coffee at the roadside stand, so deciding on a company name came easy.

Matt brings 25 years of experience in the coffee industry.  His depth of knowledge in all aspects of coffee production from producer relations and importing, to roasting and retail is the backbone of Pammel Park Coffee.  As Director of Operations & Sustainability at Cafe Imports in Minneapolis, Matt had the privilege to build strong, long term relationships with coffee producers, roaster/retailers, and coffee professionals around the globe.  His approach to roasting incorporates 2 decades of coffee trends, blending vintage, manual drum roasters with modern technology and style.

Naomi has devoted much of her life to serving others.  From her background in restaurant and hospitality management to her role as super-mom, raising three incredible kids, her passion for helping children was realized with the National Child Protection Training Center and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center in Minneapolis.  Leaving the non-profit world to start her own businesses was an adjustment, but her advanced palate and untouchable skills in the kitchen became the inspiration for our sister company, Petite Cafe in Winterset.  Petite Cafe serves fresh, healthy food, made from scratch daily and also boasts a full espresso bar featuring Pammel Park Coffee.



We work hard to find the absolute best coffees and develop their roast profiles to showcase all of their positive attributes.

We only roast small batches that will be delivered or shipped within 48 hrs. Freshness and quality, always.

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